This is another quick and delicious meal that I love to prepare for my family.  I found out in the past when I ate wheat I got terrible stomach pains. So now I use brown rice tortilla instead of wheat tortilla to make quesadillas. Even though quesadillas are traditionally made with wheat tortillas, cheese and vegetables. I have used Engine 2 Brown Rice tortilla, hummus and vegetables this time. You can substitute with corn tortillas instead and your favorite vegan cheese.


2 brown rice tortillas

2 tablespoons hummus

1/2 avocado sliced

4 cherry tomatoes,sliced

1/4 cucumber, sliced

1/4 cup bell pepper, sliced

onion, sliced (optional)

Spread hummus over tortillas, top one of the tortilla with vegetables then cover with the second tortilla with the side with the hummus on top vegetables. Heat a 10 inch skillet on medium heat, cook on both sides until crispy.

Note: I used ceramic skillet to make these quesadillas. I don't recommend teflon coated pans because they contain the chemical PFOA which is highly toxic. Studies show that high amounts of PFOA in the blood linked to cancer, high cholesterol, thyroid disease and infertility.